Discover the risks you expose your timepiece when taken to any unauthorized service center.

An unauthorized service centre for your timepiece may offer you lower costs for interventions and servicing. However, the lack of expertise, the use of non-Rolex-certified materials and equipment will expose your Rolex to major damages and eventually turn the initial cost into a significantly higher one. The components of your Rolex that are subject to change may be replaced with counterfeit ones.

  1. By using tools of questionable quality, scratches & damages may occur on both the bracelet and case of your watch.
  2. The usage of non-Rolex-authorised equipment or materials on your timepiece will expose it to a series of potential irreparable damages.
  3. Using different non- Rolex – authorised oils will, in time, affect the mechanism of your watch.
  4. Lack of original gaskets used on their faulty installation may result in losing the tightness of your watch.
  5. Any intervention by a non-Rolex- authorised third party or the addition of any non – Rolex – manufactured parts or accessories will void your 5-year Rolex Guarantee.
  6. Any intervention by a non-Rolex- authorised third party or the addition of any non – Rolex – manufactured or accessories will void the 2-year Service Guarantee provided after a complete Rolex service.
  7. Receiving back your Rolex watch with a replaced counterfeit mechanism is a reality and will result in the complete annulment of your watch.
  8. The case back of the watch can be wrongfully screwed down, which determines an impossibility to access the mechanism.
  9. The hands of the watch can be bent, blocked, or scratched due to excessive pressure applied during assembly, which may lead to the complete replacement of the dial.

The certified watchmakers in our service centre receive regular training and work with state-of-the-art, technically superior equipment. They repair and service the watches that are entrusted to them with the utmost care. Like watch aficionados and manufacturers, our employees are fascinated by the intricacies, complications, and characteristics of each individual timepiece.

Watch services are very important to Stephanides Luxury. Since 1960, we have been carrying a wide range of renowned international watch brands. The manufacturers of these watches have certified our ateliers, which means that our watchmakers are authorised to perform service work and repairs on these watches – a testament to our many years of experience and expertise.

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