Happy Diamonds Seven Happy Women

Diamonds symbolising a call to freedom and happiness: an iconic emblem permeating jewellery and watchmaking alike, Happy Diamonds are a powerful anthem to joy that resounds around the world with unmistakable panache. A legendary Chopard signature, whose colours are now flown by seven Happy Womenwho, each in their own way, shape the world and personify an irrefutably free-spirited attitude. Happy Diamonds tell the story of a world on the move, in which diversity, freedom and radiance are conveyed like a burst of laughter that delights every heart in its path. With an enchanting smile, seven Happy Women, from the four corners of the world, make the Happy Diamonds codes their own and stage the vibrant energy of their perpetual movement. Deepika Padukone, Aja Naomi King, Jung Ryeo-Won, Sadie Sink, Anne Nakamura, Dorra Zarrouk and Yang Zi exemplify the perpetual rebirth of Happy Diamonds.

It is a sunny wave that vibrates, undulates and spreads at lightning speed like good news: a perpetual movement of the heart that carries the world along with it. In a wide-ranging campaign, Chopard’s Co-President and Artistic Director, Caroline Scheufele, presents the iconic Happy Diamonds, talismans that epitomise freedom and Joie de Vivre with peerless charisma. In their dazzling whirl, they have consistently embraced the twists of history through infinite transformations, while contributing the strength of their independent spirit. Is it a watch? A piece of jewellery? Dancing diamonds are equally elegant in both realms, but they are, above all, a flash of wit. Happy Diamonds are Françoise Sagan speeding along in a sports car on her way to a dance, Anita Ekberg bathing in the fountains of Rome: images that have always instilled a sense of joy and which tirelessly sweep us along on a tide of personal reinventions. Happy Diamonds is also a constellation of free-spirited and stunning women giving a face to this energy, which makes its way through the ages while remaining as vibrantly alive as ever.

Caroline Scheufele has chosen seven Happy Womenwith unparalleled influence to embody Happy Diamonds. Seven Friends of the Maison who represent, each through in their own way, a strong, free, joyful way of living in the world and of owning the spirit of the era. Deepika Padukone, Aja Naomi King, Jung Ryeo-Won, Sadie Sink, Anne Nakamura, Dorra Zarrouk and Yang Zi have all grasped the codes of their time to blaze their trail in a manner that is both singular and generous. Theirs are powerful voices that resonate with that of Karin Scheufele – Caroline Scheufele’s mother – who once exclaimed, faced with the first sketches of the future Happy Diamonds: ” diamonds are happier when they are free”. A wealth of life paths that intertwine, create links and emotions, and give new texture to Joie de Vivre.

Deepika Padukone

The power of an global icon

Deepika Padukone is a critically acclaimed actor, producer and philanthropist from India. Along with her incredible talent, her commitment, discipline and hard work have propelled her to meteoric success. Her splendid beauty and poise have made her a style and fashion icon. Her humility, however, gives her achievements incredible substance. Above all, she remains genuinely affable. All of this while choosing to channel her popularity and influence to transform the landscape of mental health in India and around the world. An indispensable voice, she speaks of the fragility and strength of the human mind, which she describes with great intelligence: “To accept the highs and the lows. To embrace the various emotions that we are challenged with every single day. And to live a life that is fuelled by authenticity and purpose.” A strong mantra for a free spirit that bears witness to a deep humanity, making her a true global icon.

Aja Naomi King

The optimism of an actress and activist

Hers is an extraordinary life force that shines through on-screen. Aja Naomi King has a radiant smile and an ingrained sense of optimism. A graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara and Yale University with a degree in Drama, the young actress pursued her passion with enthusiasm in several independent productions, before finding success with her role in How To Get Away with Murder. Her talent and tenacity paved the way for roles in critically acclaimed films, including the lead in The Birth of a Nation, which won two of the Sundance Film Festival’s most prestigious awards. She also starred in A Girl from Mogadishu, joined the cast of The Upside with Kevin Hart and Nicole Kidman and won the Rising Star Award at the 10th Annual Essence Black Women in Hollywood ceremony. Active in promoting women’s rights and racial equality committed to changing representations of beauty, Aja Naomi King is a vibrant force for whom Joie de Vivre and laughter are essential to opening a more inclusive, egalitarian and happy window on the world.

Jung Ryeo-Won

Countless stories and a smile full of curiosity

I was dancing earlier and I was very happy to hear the sound of my Happy Diamonds.” A thousand and one stories whisper through the music of these Happy Diamonds, echoed like a true storyteller by actress Jung Ryeo-Won. She is a leading figure in Korean cultural life known for her multi-faceted creativity. She began her career as a singer in the heart of pop culture and has since appeared in numerous films and TV dramas, while also pursuing a career in film and nurturing her boundless inventiveness. Jung Ryeo-Won is a weaver of stories, which she expresses through her multiple talents. “A diamond is both very extravagant and shiny, but to me, it contains history.” Recounting, narrating, dancing, stirring emotions:  Jung Ryeo-Won has cultivated the childhood gift of making life a daily reinvented adventure. “Happy Diamonds are like kids skating on an ice-skating rink. I thought jewellery was supposed to be fixed in a certain position, but with these, it almost feels as if you’re setting them free. They definitely exude a sense of freedom.” A kinetic energy that she embodies with immense grace.

Sadie Sink

The grace of a gifted actress

Sadie Sink began her career on Broadway as the title role in the revival of the musical Annie in 2013. From there, she was on her way to stardom. She notably went to appear opposite Helen Mirren in the Tony Nominated play The Audience, directed by Stephen Daldry. In 2017, she made a name for herself again with a major screen role: the unmistakable character of Max in Stranger Things. She was also seen in the film The Glass Castle, based on the Jeannette Walls bestselling novel, portraying a young Lori alongside Naomi Watts and Woody Harrelson.  She can next be seen in Netflix’s Fear Street trilogy. Above and beyond her flourishing career, this actress is the representative of a world on the move: hailed for her vitality and enthusiasm, she is committed to using her influence to defend the environment. In 2018, she received the Award of Excellence for Narration for her contribution to a documentary on animal rights, Dominion. Collaborating with Chopard, the Maison synonymous with sustainable luxury? With Sadie Sink, this connection takes on its full meaning. In the integrity of her approach as well as in the spontaneous freshness of her presence, the extraordinarily joyful and whirling spirit of Happy Diamonds is embodied and brought to life.

Anne Nakamura

The beauty of a curious outlook

An actress and natural-born aesthete, Anne Nakamura represents the wonderment of natural glowing beauty. Her radiant face and luminous smile – hailed as “the most beautiful” in her native Japan – testify to an incredibly vibrant inner world, and a personality engaged in a perpetual quest. The perfection of her features reveals a serene mindset, a sense of harmony and a desire to branch out around the world. “It’s important to me to always be looking for a better version of myself. I don’t like standing still, I want to be curious about everything and have a positive disposition. I am a woman on the move. When I look at the dial of my Happy Sport watch, with those free-spinning diamonds and their constant movement, I feel totally attuned to that.” She regards her cheerleadingactivities during her time at university as far from just a good story to tell: “Those experiences taught me how a smile can do wonders for another person’s courage and mood. I’m pretty good about smiling but when I look up its sunny and clear …I do find my mood elevating quite a bit.”

Dorra Zarrouk

Generous eclecticism

What first strikes the onlooker is the sheer energy, the charisma. It is clear at first sight why so many artistic projects have gravitated towards Dorra Zarrouk, an outstanding woman with a mind of her own, as well as a generous and sensual personality. Her impressive CV reflects her radiance, the intensity with which she takes on life. Holding degrees in law and political science from the universities of Tunis, her native city, and Beirut, Dorra Zarrouk took her first steps on stage during her studies and was directly propelled to the Dance Biennial in Lyon and Marseille. Things began to snowball from there, with storytelling for television and her first roles in feature films as her career that took off and grew rapidly. With nearly 30 films and as many series for television, documentaries and plays to her credit, Dorra Zarrouk has already been awarded numerous prizes and named Officer of the Tunisian Order of Cultural Merit in 2016. Her resolution to be happy? To laugh, to share time with the people she loves and to take care of them as well as herself, to never compare herself to anyone else and to cherish everything she already has.

Yang Zi

A legacy of wonderment

Determined to preserve the pure joy of childhood, actress Yang Zi – who began appearing on the screen at the age of seven – quickly rose to fame and currently holds a prominent place in the showbusiness world. This actress, singer and fashion model has built her career with powerful tenacity while safeguarding her inner child who continues to live and shine through in each of her roles and her public appearances. “I believe in fairy tales, and I see the good in the world. These are my beliefs. There is a part of my childhood that I want to preserve, and that can continue because I am surrounded by good people.” Yang Zi is also involved in various charitable projects, particularly for children, yet is nonetheless an emancipated and independent woman. This is a cardinal value in her eyes: “It is this financial independance that enables us to go where we want and do what we like, devote ourselves to what we like without asking anyone for permission.” She is now ranked among the most influential Chinese personalities. A woman whose strength has never overshadowed her ability to look at the world with tenderness, joy and wonder.