New Anastasios Stephanides Luxury Boutique in Limassol!

A. Stephanides & Son Luxury Goods opened the doors of its new boutique to reveal a complete transformation. Linking tradition and modernity we are proud for transforming our retail space to new heights – providing the most luxurious shopping experience for the modern customer.

The new boutique offers professional expertise in an elegant setting, one that promotes a sense of harmony, discretion and intimacy with its brands, which has been setting standards in watch making and fine jewelry for more than 50 years.

Every element of the interior design features an elegant aesthetic and radiates the values of the luxury brands of the group. Excellence, precision and attention to detail emanate from the careful calibration of colours and patterns in the fittings and furnishings.

You are invited to visit us and discover our exclusive luxury brand’s full assortment of watches & jewelry collections!

Photos by Karina Leonenko Photography
Shop: A. Stephanides & Son Luxury Goods Ltd