Rolex Rolex’s New Watches for 2023

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

Rolexs Biggest Releases of 2023 Are…

An icon defying time

The emblematic style and superlative performance of the Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona have cemented its iconic status well beyond the motor racing circuits.

To mark the 60th anniversary of the watch, Rolex ensures the legend lives on by revisiting the entire range, through high-precision reworking that concerns the case and face as well as the movement. The numerous adjustments and evolutions are a reminder that the pursuit of excellence is a race with no finish line.

For the watch’s 60th anniversary, the brand has completely revisited the line. And, for Rolex, which prefers to make changes incrementally, that means there are “subtle refinements” to the dial and case, and a new movement. Those subtle refinements include smaller hour markers and a lil’ crown at 6 o’ clock. The new movement, the Daytona’s first since 2000, adds new functionality, like the ability to “measure intervals of time.” 

950 platinum and transparent case back

On the version in 950 platinum, recognizable by its ice blue dial, the oscillating weight is made from 18 ct yellow gold and is visible to the wearer through the transparent case back in sapphire – a first for the Oyster Perpetual collection.

Only the most desirable color combinations are part of the revamped Daytona line.

Platinum, considered the noblest of metals, is striking for its unique luminosity. This rare and precious metal is among the densest and most difficult to work and is noted for its exceptional corrosion resistance. Rolex uses only 950 platinum, an alloy consisting of 950 ‰ platinum and a specific dose of ruthenium, with meticulous finishing in-house.

The showstopper is the platinum model with an ice-blue dial and irresistible chocolate bezel. Other color combinations include the black-and-white “Panda” dial and a lot of gold: gold dial with a black bezel, gold bezel with a white dial, and rose-gold-everything with a black dial. 

Rolex GMT Master II

Rolexs Biggest Releases of 2023 Are…

Highlighting our connection to the world

Allowing its wearer to track the progress of time in another time zone, the GMT‑Master II highlights our connection to the world. It is now available in two new versions – 18 ct yellow gold and yellow Rolesor – with a Cerachrom bezel insert in grey and black ceramic, an entirely new colour combination.

Exemplary craftsmanship is borne out by the choice of materials and precision of the finishes, which come together to show the watch in its best light. The harmonious contrast between the gleaming gold of the Jubilee bracelet and the two-colour bezel with its dark, muted tones evokes the path of the sun and the alternation of day and night.

The revamped Daytona will steal headlines but the watches I’m gravitating towards initially are these golden versions of the GMT-Master II. The leader in the clubhouse of Watch I’d Sell My Soul For is the full-gold GMT. While the GMT usually sports a bright two-tone bezel in famous configurations like the red-and-blue Pepsi or blue-and-black Batman, this new model takes a subtler approach. The bezel is still two toned but pairs black with… less black. One new version comes on a “Rolesor” bracelet—meaning a combination of gold and steel—and the other is made entirely out of gold. 

The GMT was invented as a sporty watch for Pan-Am crews in the ‘50s but this a very upgraded take on that original model. While that watch was built for commercial flying, this is a GMT designed for the PJ. 

Rolex Day Date

Every dial a discovery

The new Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36 welcomes dials made of decorative stone in shimmering tones that evoke the atmosphere of the Mediterranean coast. Green aventurine, carnelian and turquoise are paired with watches in 18 ct Everose, yellow and white gold respectively.

As expressions of Rolex’s dial-making expertise, the new Day-Date 36 watches are also testament to the brand’s perfect mastery of the gem-setting art. This union of exceptional stones, gems and precious metals emphasizes the distinction and elegance of this prestigious watch.

Making each watch one of a kind

Decorative stones

The crystallized effects, matrices or veins peculiar to these decorative stones make every watch face a unique work of art. The stone reveals its distinctive traits only once it has been crafted. Individual finishing of each dial is then performed to satisfy the brand’s exacting quality requirements.

Made of 18 ct Everose gold, the first variant is presented with a dial in green aventurine, a stone with a finely crystallized surface. The second is in 18 ct yellow gold and its dial is cut from carnelian, a stone typified by lines of varying shapes and sizes forming an artful orangey cameo of patterns. The third,  crafted from 18 ct white gold, features a turquoise dial textured with natural veining.


The three new Day-Date 36 versions are endowed with bezels set with 52 brilliant-cut diamonds. Their hour markers and Roman numeral VI and IX are also encrusted with diamonds.

Rolex uses only naturally occurring gemstones of the highest quality, very carefully selected according to strict criteria of purity, clarity and intensity. The master gem-setters at Rolex are hailed for their technique in producing flawless setting and alignment and emphasizing the exquisite brilliance of the precious stones.

Rolexs Biggest Releases of 2023 Are…

Rolex gold

The 18 ct gold that adorns Rolex watches is created and cast in the Manufacture‘s own foundry. These exclusive alloys, composed of 75 % pure gold and a mix of silver, copper, palladium and indium, are the fruit of long years of research to perfect the process. Through its established expertise, the brand produces several types of 18 ct gold: yellow gold, white gold and Everose gold, an exclusive patented 18 ct pink gold alloy, developed by Rolex.

President bracelet

Created specially for the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date and unveiled at the launch of this prestigious watch in 1956, the three-piece link President bracelet, made only from 18 ct gold or 950 platinum, is still reserved exclusively for the Day-Date and precious metal versions of the Datejust.

The President bracelet of the new Day-Date 36 is equipped with a concealed Crownclasp, which opens by means of a Rolex crown-shaped lever, a perfect blend of aesthetics and function. It includes patented ceramic inserts inside the links to enhance its flexibility on the wrist and its longevity. A concealed attachment system ensures seamless visual continuity between the bracelet and case.

Rolex Yacht-Master 42

Rolexs Biggest Releases of 2023 Are…

Mastering lightness

Light and robust, the new Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master 42 in RLX titanium is the ally of those seeking freedom of movement. Especially suited to the demands and pressures of competitive sailing, it puts watchmaking excellence at the service of sporting performance.

The Yacht-Master 42 is the second watch in RLX titanium released by Rolex after the Oyster Perpetual Deepsea Challenge, confirming that lightness is a quality to be taken seriously.

RLX titanium

RLX titanium makes its first appearance in the Yacht-Master range. The grade 5 titanium alloy selected by Rolex is a particularly lightweight metal and is noted for its mechanical strength and corrosion resistance. Its use for the case and bracelet has reduced the weight of the watch by around a third compared to a similar watch in steel. RLX titanium is complex to work and has required the introduction of special production processes.

Technical satin finish

The combination of polished, high-sheen and technical satin finishes illustrates the brand’s excellence in finishing techniques. Together, they produce a subtle blend of textures and light, setting off the gleaming polished surface of the crown guard, and the lustrous high-sheen on the top edges of the lugs, against the matt of the technical satin finishing – with its pronounced grain – visible on the case and bracelet.

Oyster bracelet

The Oyster bracelet of the new Yacht-Master 42 is also made from RLX titanium. It has a technical satin finish carried over to the sides of the links and to the edges of the cover of the Oysterlock safety clasp. It is also equipped with the Easylink comfort extension link that allows the wearer to easily adjust the bracelet length by approximately 5 mm. The bracelet also includes ceramic inserts inside the links to enhance its flexibility on the wrist and its longevity.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Rolexs Biggest Releases of 2023 Are…

An effervescence of excellence

Alive with colour, vitality and positivity, the new dials of the Oyster Perpetual 31, Oyster Perpetual 36 and Oyster Perpetual 41 are dotted with many-coloured bubbles that joyfully reunite the five hues introduced to the range in 2020.

This effervescent, euphoric design is the product of artistry and masterful technique. The dial decoration is carried out in a strictly controlled environment to prevent any contamination from dust and requires the utmost precision at every stage to create a marvel of colour.

Colourful dials

Featuring bubbles of different sizes fringed with black, the dial of the new versions of the Oyster Perpetual combine the vivid colours introduced in 2020: candy pink, turquoise blue, yellow, coral red, and green.


The new versions of the Oyster Perpetual are made from Oystersteel. This special steel, offering an exceptional sheen, is produced exclusively for Rolex. Oystersteel belongs to the 904L steel family – alloys that are commonly used in advanced-technology fields such as the aerospace and chemical industries. Their excellent anti-corrosion properties are comparable to those of precious metals.

Calibres 2232 and 3230

The Oyster Perpetual 31 is equipped with calibre 2232, while the Oyster Perpetual 36 and Oyster Perpetual 41 are both fitted with calibre 3230. Unveiled in 2020 and introduced to these models the same year, these movements were entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex. They incorporate a number of the latest advances in Rolex technology, including the high-performance Paraflex shock absorbers.

Fitted with the Syloxi hairspring and a paramagnetic escape wheel in nickel-phosphorus, the 2232 movement guarantees a power reserve of approximately 55 hours. Calibre 3230, on the other hand, includes a blue Parachrom hairspring and Chronergy escapement extending the power reserve to approximately 70 hours.

Oyster bracelet

The new variants of the Oyster Perpetual 31, Oyster Perpetual 36 and Oyster Perpetual 41 are fitted on an Oyster bracelet. Developed at the end of the 1930s, this three-piece link bracelet remains the most universal in the Oyster Perpetual collection and is known for its robustness. The Oyster bracelet of these new watches is equipped with a folding Oysterclasp which prevents accidental opening. It is also equipped with the Easylink comfort extension link – developed by Rolex – that allows the wearer to easily adjust the bracelet length by approximately 5 mm.

Rolex Perpetual 1908

Rolexs Biggest Releases of 2023 Are…

The new face of excellence

Elegant, classic and decidedly contemporary, the Perpetual 1908 immortalizes Rolex’s age-long daring spirit. Inheriting the brand’s historic codes as much as its numerous innovations in watchmaking, the watch marks a new milestone in the brand’s pursuit of excellence. The conception and creation of this new model testify to the Manufacture’s comprehensive in-house expertise.

Inspired by an Oyster Perpetual from 1931, this completely new timepiece responds to the challenge of a slimmer watch according to the Rolex canon and heralds the arrival of the Perpetual collection, which redefines the traditional wristwatch in the avant-garde spirit of the brand. The name ‘1908’ is a reference to the date the ‘Rolex’ trademark was officially registered in Switzerland.

Promising superlative performance, the 1908 carves out a place for itself as a Rolex imbued with tradition yet exuding modernity.

Sleek design

With the numerals 3, 9, 12 and its small seconds hand at 6 o’clock, the 1908 revisits the style of an Oyster Perpetual from 1931 and resolutely endows it with modernity.

Transparent case back

In 18 ct yellow or white gold, the particularly slim case is fitted with a transparent case back which allows the quality of the movement finishings to be admired.

A new calibre – the 7140

To drive the 1908, Rolex watch engineers developed calibre 7140, a completely new self-winding movement, with two centre hands and a small seconds at 6 o’clock. Five patent applications have been filed for this slim movement, entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex.

Fitted with the Syloxi hairspring, Chronergy escapement and Paraflex shock absorbers, it guarantees a power reserve of approximately 66 hours and offers outstanding chronometric performance (–2/+2 seconds per day).

To slim down the timepiece, the Rolex teams worked on reducing the thickness of the case by a third compared to the watches in the Oyster Perpetual collection, without sacrificing any of the movement’s performance. The calibre was designed to accommodate the stringent Superlative Chronometer demands of precision and reliability. Creating a slimmer case called for the development of innovative technical solutions, for example to perfectly master the assembly of the oscillator.


Fashioned in 18 ct yellow or white gold, the new Dualclasp offers enhanced comfort in wear by adapting to the shape of the wrist. Consisting of two folding, symmetrical blades, it affords easy operation of the opening and closing mechanism, while guaranteeing secure closure of the alligator leather strap.

Rolex Sky Dweller

To the ultimate and beyond

With its two time zones and its annual calendar, the Sky-Dweller is an elegant and trusted companion for world travellers. The range has been updated with numerous enhancements proving that, for Rolex, excellence plays out even in the tiniest details.

Aesthetic embellishments are introduced with new versions joining the range. And the watch sees technical evolutions with the introduction of a movement equipped with the latest advances in Rolex technology.

Excellence in every detail

New versions

18 ct white gold makes a comeback to the Sky-Dweller range. This precious alloy is combined with a bright black dial and, for the first time, with an Oysterflex bracelet. Equipped with an Oysterclasp and the Glidelock extension system, this bracelet brings enhanced comfort on the wrist. New dial colours adorn the face of the Sky-Dweller: a delicate mint green offered on the white Rolesor versions, and an elegant blue-green exclusively on the reference in 18 ct Everose gold fitted on an Oyster bracelet.

Saros annual calendar

The Saros annual calendar, patented by Rolex, was developed specially for the Sky-Dweller. A key element of the model’s identity, it is simple to read: the current month being shown in red in one of 12 apertures around the circumference of the dial at the extremity of the hour markers (January at 1 o’clock, February at 2 o’clock, and so on). Automatically differentiating between 30-day and 31-day months, this calendar consequently requires only one date adjustment a year, when the month changes from February to March.

Ring Command bezel

The Sky-Dweller includes the Ring Command system, an interface between the rotatable bezel, winding crown and movement that allows the wearer to select and set the timepiece’s functions easily, quickly and securely. By turning the fluted Ring Command bezel counter clockwise by one, two or three positions, the wearer selects the function in question, before adjusting it via the winding crown: calendar, first position; local time, second position; reference time, third position.

Calibre 9002

The new-generation Sky-Dweller is equipped with calibre 9002. A derivation of calibre 9001, which has driven the model since its launch in 2012, it is among the most complex movements designed by Rolex engineers.

Enabling the display of the hours, minutes, seconds, the date and the month, as well as an additional time zone in 24-hour format, calibre 9002 includes the latest technical innovations that Rolex has brought to its movements – Chronergy escapement, Paraflex shock absorbers and a new oscillating weight with an optimized ball bearing.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer 40

Adventure on a grand scale

The Explorer range is expanded with the arrival of a new 40 mm model. Offering enhanced legibility, this timepiece carries all the qualities that have made the Explorer – one of the brand’s first tool-watches – a reference throughout the decades. Simple, robust and corrosion resistant, the new Explorer 40 is crafted from Oystersteel, an alloy specific to Rolex.

The satin finishes on the middle case, bracelet and clasp, and the light reflections from the polished flanks of the case are an invitation to look afresh at this iconic watch with its understated harmony.

Oyster case

Exemplifying robustness and reliability, the Oyster case is introduced to the Explorer for the first time with a diameter of 40 mm. The middle case of this new model is crafted from a solid block of Oystersteel. The Twinlock winding crown, fitted with a double waterproofness system, screws down securely against the case. The crystal is made of virtually scratchproof sapphire and benefits from an anti-reflective coating.

Chromalight display

The Explorer 40 offers excellent legibility in all circumstances, thanks to its Chromalight display that emits a long-lasting blue glow in dark conditions and, in daylight, produces a particularly bright white hue. Exclusive to Rolex, the luminescent material used is known for its exceptional performance.


The Explorer 40 offers excellent legibility in all circumstances, thanks to its Chromalight display that emits a long-lasting blue glow in dark conditions and, in daylight, produces a particularly bright white hue. Exclusive to Rolex, the luminescent material used is known for its exceptional performance.

Oyster bracelet

Developed at the end of the 1930s, this three-piece link bracelet remains the most universal in the Oyster Perpetual collection and is known for its robustness.